THE EXPLORERS CLUB is an exciting open lecture salon in St. Leonards-on-Sea. We invite fantastic lecturers and experts from an incredibly diverse range of fields to come and talk and discuss their ideas and research.

These lectures are held at private addresses around St. Leonards but are open to anyone that wants to come. We are very, very passionate about the dissemination of knowledge and the accessibility of the highest quality education to all.

These events are really friendly and relaxed and people often come on their own, we’d love you to come and make new friends!

Doors always open at 7pm and we make food and invite guests to bring a dish for an informal feast before the talk starts around 8pm.

Tickets cost £5 each and must be purchased in advance in order to receive the location. Tickets are generally limited to thirty per event and can be purchased from Wayward on Norman Road.


FRIDAY February 6th: DAMIAN FEARNS – Autism, civilisation, psychosis and the nature of genius

FRIDAY February 13th: DR. BLAY WHITBY – Technology and the future of love

FRIDAY February 27th: DR. MIGUEL ALEXIADES – Ethnobotany of the Amazon

FRIDAY April 3rd: BRIAN EARP – The psychology of love and the ethics of romantic neuroenhancement

FRIDAY May 8th: DR. BIRGER EKORNASVAG HELEGSTAD – The Mesopotamian City of Ur

FRIDAY May 22nd: REV. DANNY NEMU – Entheogens of the Bible


To subscribe to our mailing list please email: sarahjanes@hotmail.com

Any questions feel free to give me a ring (Sarah Janes): 07786 686 786



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